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Do you want to FILTER OUT:

Carbon filters:

Aluminum     Bacteria       Chlorine      Cysts

Heavy Metals       Nitrites/nitrogen        Parasites

Trihalomethanes     Viruses     VOC's

Fluoride filters:

Arsenic            Fluoride

Healthy Pathways is here to help you on your way to health.  Start with your water purification system.  Our 'civilization' has become polluted to the point of making us sick. Making necessary changes will take awhile. Relax and take it one step at a time.  Some of the problems involve your water, food and environment.  It will also lead you to reexamine your dental care, kitchen appliances and storage containers, microwave useage, wifi, medications, household cleaners, personal care products, etc.  This is HUGE, so take baby steps and remember that every penny you spend making changes is an INVESTMENT in your health.


Women's health